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Sanibonani. Molo. Hallo. Thobela. Dumela. Lumela. Abusheni. Sanibona. Avuwani. Salibonani. Hello.

My name is Sarah. I am a Wedding, Commercial, Corporate Event, and Lifestyle Photographer based in Cape Town, Western Cape. 

I started my photography career part-time in 2013, working my way out of the corporate world in pursuit of becoming a full-time photographer, and doing what I love every day. The fact that I am a mother of two also played a massive role in this pursuit - not having to miss a hockey match, swim meet, or any extramural activity my daughters find themselves taking part in, due to being stuck in an office environment with very strict, set office hours. 

I am laid back in my approach to photography, photography styles, and settings. I live by “know the rules, and then break them”.

Photographs capture that which is important to us. When you ask someone what the first thing is they would save if their house is on fire, chances are their answer would be “the photos” or “the hard-drive with our photos on”.


I would love to be the person to create those photos, and memories for you.